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From the desk of Pastor Reg

Our Response to Prayer

"And they prayed and said, 'You, Oh Lord, who know that hearts of all, show which of these two you have chosen" Acts 1:24. What was the response of the disciples after praying about who would fill the spot of Judas? It is unique to us as human beings to have the...

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Prayer and the Holy Spirit

Jesus Christ is faithfully praying 24/7 for you at the right hand of the Father. What an amazing fact. And His Spirit is down inside of you praying in your spirit 24/7! Amazing. If you are a born again Christian living for God, loving God, this is what is happening...

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What Prayer Accomplishes

A Desire to Pray: Week 1 Desire is a potent thing, that's why you can't operate in faith in what someone else wants you to have. Because you wanting me to have it won't actually produce it in me. I have to have a desire for it. The Bible says that God will give you...

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Surrender, a word that in our society that, most of the time, brings a negative feeling. We are taught that we should always be in control of our lives and no one can tell us what to do. But in relation to the Holy Spirit surrender is the key to freedom in Christ. It...

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Led by the Spirit

Being led by the Spirit is indispensable for living a Spirit filled life. Living a Spirit filled life is obviously the only way a Christians life will bear the fruit of the Spirit. Although many may know the relationship of the Spirit to man in name, they are unable...

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Keep in Step with the Spirit

Galatians 5:25 ESV If we live by the Spirit, let us also keep in step with the Spirit. There was a time in my life, 15 years after I became a believer, that I found myself rediscovering what the Fruit of the Spirit really means. Up until that point, I had thought that...

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