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The Palace Test

As we go through Joseph's life we can clearly see God's hand working in, on, and through him as his character develops. This week is the Palace Test, which is, in fact, the test of stewardship. What exactly is stewardship? By definition it is "to manage the...

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The Pardon Test

A few months ago, Pastor Reg asked me to speak on the Pardon Test, the third test in our sermon series The Destiny Test. I was excited and honored to be sharing with our church family. I also had a feeling of dread in my stomach knowing full well that I, personally,...

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The Pit Test

Joseph’s first test in his character building, from his dream to destiny journey, was the pride test. He learned the root of pride, insecurity, and the result of insecurity – comparison, which led to superiority or inferiority. He found out that God does not approve...

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The Destiny Test

Genesis 37 & 38, Joseph learns the answer to the pride test! Isn't it amazing to think that God has a specific dream for every single individual on this planet? But then again, should we be surprised? After all, He created everyone and everything that inhabits it....

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Interrupted: Mary

We are used to being interrupted by Jesus in our lives if we have walked with God for any period of time at all. Mary's example is a contrast as she was the one interrupting Jesus as He sat at the table enjoying His meal with Simon the Leper and Lazarus His good...

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Abraham’s Final Exam

We have been in a powerful series of interrupted lives. Powerful examples of God bursting into the routine of life and changing things forever! From the Apostle Paul, to John the Baptist, to Moses, and now this week to the father of all father's, Father Abraham. I...

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