Years ago I learned a valuable lesson regarding money. It was something that has stuck with me ever since. Prior to that I used to think, like a lot of believers, when it came to giving, “I don’t want anything in return, I’m giving to the Lord’s work because I love him.” What I found out was that is not Biblical.

The following statement is probably one of the most shocking and hard to believe principles for the body of Christ to accept: the godly way is to give expecting to receive. Notice I said the godly way. When God gives He always has definite expectations. For instance, when He gave life to mankind, God expected to receive from them worship, reverence, love, service, obedience, and companionship. When He gave His son, Jesus, to die for us God expected to receive sons and daughters in return.

The word of God is clear. Giving is tied to receiving! “Give and it shall be given unto you!”(Luke 6:38) Also, giving is tied to receiving a return of what you give. “Be not deceived, God is not mocked: for whatever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.”

This is not something I came up with, God tells us to give, expecting to receive so that we can give more the next time. It is Godly to give and expect something in return. If God didn’t multiply back to us what we give to Him where would we get money to take the gospel to the world? God knows what He is doing. I have found no limit in God’s word to the abundance you can have for the gospel and for your family if you persist in obeying God with your finances.

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