Genesis 37 & 38, Joseph learns the answer to the pride test!

Isn’t it amazing to think that God has a specific dream for every single individual on this planet? But then again, should we be surprised? After all, He created everyone and everything that inhabits it. God created everyone of us for a reason, with a specific purpose in mind. God gives each of us a dream, a specific dream. This dream is actually our calling in life, given to us by God. He then also has a destiny for us, which is our purpose. Now, we don’t receive them both at the same time, they usually are spread out over a number of years, and there is a very good reason for this.

God prepares us for our destiny through the dreams HE has given us. Between the time we receive our dream (calling) and the time we step into fulfill our destiny (purpose) we go through a series of tests. These tests are for the purpose of developing our Christlike character. There is a big difference between a test and temptation. God tests us to grow us and bless us. The devil, on the other hand, tempts us to try and cause us to fail and be cursed.

The first and most important test of character is that of pride. You may be wondering why pride is that first test: pride is the number one sin. It is the biggest hinderance to our Christlike character and the very sin that caused Satan to be cast out of heaven! Normally, we as Christians we tend to deal with the fruit of an issue rather than the root. So what is the root of pride? The root of pride is comparison that comes from insecurity. The sin of comparison runs deeper than we think, because when we compare ourselves to others we either end up superior or inferior. Neither will God approve. So if that is the case, and the word of God says it is, then what is the correct answer to pass this test of Character?

God’s purpose did not revolve around Joseph or depend entirely on his purpose. Although Joseph played a big part in supplying food for multitudes of his people God chose his brother Judah to father an illegitimate son who would produce the ancestral line of Jesus Christ through an act of prostitution. What a powerful way for God to provide the answer to the first character test for Joseph. Eventually Joseph did pass the pride test. Joseph came to the realization that God uses the whole body of Christ to fulfill HIS purpose!

Don’t be surprised if when you receive your test paper it has the words written on it in big black letters, PRIDE TEST! Remember this: don’t think less of yourself, think of yourself less!

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