Have you stepped in to your destiny? Are you walking in your purpose? If you are you will definitely know it! When we are in God’s will, living out our lives in our purpose, it is the most fulfilling experience of all! Or is it? If you have gone through the process to step in to your purpose, don’t you have the power to stay in it? Can I be in my purpose and still be happy? Can I live being “me”? What do I do when being “me” hurts? A lot of questions, I know, but they are legitimate.

Joseph was an administrator, everywhere he went he organized. Even when he was in the pit. I bet he had every rock in order and leaf of grass parted. Joseph didn’t just organize under God’s hand, he had a powerful affect on all those he came in to contact with! God took of Joseph’s spirit and multiplied it to all those he delegated to and beyond! Not of God’s spirit, but Joseph’s. From inside of him.

Sometimes life can seem overwhelming when we are walking in our purpose, even to the breaking point. But remember, God wouldn’t put it on you if He hadn’t put it in you! You have got what it takes! He has created you, He has the spec’s on you because He created you just as your are with the specifications to meet and fulfill His will for you. Paul pleaded,” Lord please remove this thorn from me”, and Jesus said “My grace is sufficient for thee”.

People who gossip do it at the expense of never discovering who you are, and the reason they are interested in who someone is is because they have not invested enough in discovering who they are!

This is the moment of discovery! This is the moment you discover who you are and what you are made of. Not based on how tough things are, but on how strongly you have been created! You’ve got what it takes, because God has put it in you!

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