Surrender, a word that in our society that, most of the time, brings a negative feeling. We are taught that we should always be in control of our lives and no one can tell us what to do. But in relation to the Holy Spirit surrender is the key to freedom in Christ. It is also the key to allowing Jesus to bring us to completion.  

Willful surrender cannot happen without trust, and learning to trust can only happen if you know the one you’re giving your trust to. Jesus Christ’s greatest desire is for you to know him like he knows you. The Bible says he knew us before he laid the foundations of the earth.

I have to tell you my God has been thinking about me, this piece of dirt, for a long time. And the plans he laid out for me have been established since God laid the foundations of the earth. That’s is pretty reassuring to me and as I come to know my father I have learned to trust Him in my surrender. 

  • Pastor Dan Slater
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