I thank God for a greyhound bus driver named Jim. If it hadn’t been for his patience and concern years ago I might not be saved today. I might not be alive for that matter. He offered what he had at the time, and it was enough to make the difference for me to stay on the bus, finishing the trip, and eventually leading to my new life in Christ.

Do you realize that you are a difference maker? Yes you. You are a living, breathing, walking difference maker. Believe it.

God has created us to be motivated in order to do something. Knowing that there are people all around us with needs in their life, even great needs, is not usually enough to motivate us to action. When we talk about connecting with others we know we should, but are reluctant when it means going beyond our comfort zones. We know we should, but we don’t. What gives? What is God doing in the midst of all this?

Acts 3:6 is a wonderful example for us:

“Then Peter said, silver and gold have I none, but such as I have give I thee.”

Such as I have! Such as you have! What do I have, what do you have? We have Christ inside us!! We have everything we need. We have everything THEY need. Whatever is needed at any given time, the Spirit of God that dwells in you has just what the doctor ordered! The Holy Spirit will draw out of you what is needed. You are the hose, He is the water and He controls the spigot. Oh, if we would understand the Spirits power, that which is in us. This is our purpose in life: our joy, success, and fulfillment in life are determined by the degree to which we discover and share God’s answers to basic life questions with others.

God’s plan works, we can trust Him!



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