Being led by the Spirit is indispensable for living a Spirit filled life. Living a Spirit filled life is obviously the only way a Christians life will bear the fruit of the Spirit. Although many may know the relationship of the Spirit to man in name, they are unable to identify their Spirit in experience. Either they don’t realize where their Spirit is or they interpret their own thoughts and feelings to be the functions of the Spirit.

The three functions of the Spirit are intuition, communion, and conscience. Intuition is the ability to understand something immediately without need for conscious reasoning. Hearing directly from God and bypassing mans intellect.

Communion is the exchange of the thoughts of the Spirit to man and man receiving those thoughts. Conscience is an inner voice acting as a guide to the rightness or wrongness of ones behavior. The more the conscience is obeyed the clearer the intuition. A clear intuition leads directly to a Spirit-led life. This then results in a life of bearing (carrying) the fruit of the spirit.

Christ Himself us alone our single standard of holiness. It is Christ who produces the fruit through His children as they maintain uninterrupted fellowship with god.

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