We are used to being interrupted by Jesus in our lives if we have walked with God for any period of time at all. Mary’s example is a contrast as she was the one interrupting Jesus as He sat at the table enjoying His meal with Simon the Leper and Lazarus His good friend. As Martha served, Mary burst into the scene, breaks her flask  of expensive spikenard (anointing perfume) and proceeds to pour the container over Jesus’ head!

Judas objected first and then the disciples. Judas was furious over the monetary waste as he saw it, and the disciples were angry and disgusted with how all the attention was given to Jesus. Judas represented the worlds view of Jesus (Christianity) which hates Him, and the disciples represented the Christians that want as much as possible from the Lord with the least investment. Mary displayed a wonderful and powerful principle that would accompany the gospel wherever it was preached!

The principle of waste is the principle of power!

The Lord’s top priority for us is to first and foremost satisfy Him! To pour out our all, from the heart, holding nothing back! Nothing! As we do as Mary, we are broken open and a supernatural fragrance is poured out and affects those around us in a way nothing else can! Those that we have prayed for many years, those that seem as though they just can’t make it, or won’t make it. When we seek to satisfy Jesus first, He is pleased, we are fulfilled, and a hunger is created in the lost.

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