As a child on my first day of school, I walked 10 city blocks to get to Andrew Jackson elementary school. Jackson was a grade school with 600 students spanning 1st-6th grades. Upon arrival I entered through the front doors. I remember enjoying the first day and before I knew it the bell was ringing for release! Excited to get home and tell my mom how my first day went I hurriedly exited and started my journey home, unknowingly exiting a different door than I had entered.

As I walked down the city street I was just thinking about how the day had gone, but eventually I began to notice that the houses were different and that I was on a different route home. Next I came to the busy four lane N. 2nd St.. Now was decision time. Do I turn left, turn right, or turn around? Even at that young age my instinct said to turn right, so I did and continued to walk, now heading north. At least now I was heading in the right direction, but I didn’t know that for sure. All of a sudden, I saw the children’s home, and across the street the Cedar Bluff cemetery. Bingo! I knew where I was then. Confident and with a burst of energy, up through the burial grounds I went! As I came to the other side there stood my mother with about six other mothers with bewildered looks on their faces. I ran across the street into my moms arms and I was home!

Have you ever found yourself at a crossroad in life wondering if you’re on the right track? Am I heading in the right direction? I know that God’s word says to walk by faith, so if that’s how He wants us to live are we ever to know for sure that we’re on the right track? Or is that not walking by faith? Good question isn’t it?

To answer the question let me share with you what just took place at our 31st annual world missions conference. After the Holy Spirit directed, infilled, taught, and blanketed the entire conference with peace, the conclusion on Wednesday night was the grand finale!

God called for an altar call with which came an unbelievable receptivity to Him in the atmosphere! Then, out of the crowd stepped slowly the most quiet, reserved, sweet spirited woman. God then used her as His vessel to speak forth and prophecy directly His very words, confirmation of the vision He has given us as a church.  Not only did He give confirmation, but then a command to expand on it exactly as it is!

We serve a God that thinks about our lives, our world, and His creation on a completely different level than even the most intelligent human being has the capacity to think or comprehend. “However, as it is written, no eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has purposed for those who love Him!” 1 Corinthians 2:9

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