Just like Superman, who can leap over any hurdle and defeat every foe, followers of Christ have the supernatural ability to conquer the challenges we face. But the problem for both Superman and us is there’s a kryptonite that steals our strength.

Of course, both Superman and kryptonite are fictional. But spiritual kryptonite is not.

This is an eight-part  DVD series by John Bevere. This book offers answers to why so many of us are unable to experience the divine strength that was evident among 1st century Christians.

1. Our potential

2. The power of one

3. Kryptonite

4. Modern idolatry

5. A knockoff Jesus

6. The starting place

7. Truth, Tolerance and Love

8. Killing Kryptonite

Each DVD session is 25 minutes long. Then we will have discussion, observations, and prayer time. Sign up and join us on Wednesday evenings at the Adams house at 6 pm. For men and women. Books are $13.00

Chuck and Sue would love to have you join them.